wtorek, 26 maja 2009

Released - Ensemble 56 "1st Meeting - Towards Sky Flight of Dragon"

"...Spontaneous, improvised music is an art in its own. Dora, Gorka and Mazur have transcended the ordinary to find an intuitive weave and give their music a presence of depth and dimension(...)Spontaneous invention and a dynamic approach sing the sounds of Ensemble 56. The call is irresistible."

Read the whole review from All About Jazz here.

"...I can't say that I've heard of any of the members of this fine Polish/Hungarian trio before this disc, but I was quite pleased to hear this disc(...) The trio does a swell job and knowing when to come in and turn solos into duos or trios."
Here is a whole review from NY Down Town Music Gallery.

"...These guys are as free as it gets, but full of soul and free improv leanings, and the trio's musicianship is just outstanding(...)All three of them are a real pleasure to hear, with an unbelievable scope of technique, yet using this always in function of the musical project at hand, coherent and focused."
Here is a full review from Free Jazz Blog.

"1st Meeting: Towards Sky Flight of Dragon" - the first album of Ensemble 56 is now available in the music stores and for online purchase through the website of the Polish label "Not Two Records":www.nottwo.com

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