wtorek, 26 maja 2009

Released - Apeiron "Night in Krakow"

"Night in Krakow" of Apeiron duo released by "Insubordinations" netlabel.

"Piano and contrabass collaborate in a fantastic music here, during one take of half an hour. There are flowing patterns, little cascades of sounds delivered with a wonderful, minute sense for the details. The secret of keeping this process so alive might lie in the pauses which are employed in what might be called a breath-like rhythm, but organically irregular. In a late stage the music gets slower and more exquisitely sparse - before finally there seems to be a deliberate turn to a pulsating, freejazzy texture, like a closing fanfare - still with sensitivity intact. Sensuous and fresh music."
INTUITIVE MUSIC REVIEWS by Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen

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