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Hungary - Relative (Cross)Hearing Fest

30.05.2009 I will play with PROCESS and Attila Dóra on Relative (Cross)Hearing Festival organized in Budapest (capitol of Hungary) by Zsolt Sores (photo) - one of the main person of community of improvised and experimental musicians in Hungary.

Zsolt will be next guest of LabInt in July!

Laboratory of Intuition

Yesterday I finished second edition of "Laboratory of Intuition". It is program dedicated for development of improvised art scene in Poland, particulary in Krakow. I created it with Centre of Contemporary Art in Krakow and we've got a financial support from Ministry Of Culture and National Heritage. The idea is to invite well-known improvisers to Krakow and combine bands with local musicians.

The 1st edition was in April and guest was great swedish drummer Raymond Strid.

The last, 2nd edition was in May and guest was French turntable's player Franck Vigroux.

More info about project You can find on website:


Released - PROCESS 1 and PROCESS 2

PROCESS 1 released by Abdicate Cell netlabel.

PROCESS 2 released by Audio Tong netlabel.

"The music is fiercely beautiful. I am completely energized by it! The events on Untitled 1 take you into a realm of huge spacial clarity, with the vibratory energies releasing, & entraining symbiotic energies in your spatio-physical-auditory awareness..."
Read here full review of Ladonna Smith.

Released - Apeiron "Night in Krakow"

"Night in Krakow" of Apeiron duo released by "Insubordinations" netlabel.

"Piano and contrabass collaborate in a fantastic music here, during one take of half an hour. There are flowing patterns, little cascades of sounds delivered with a wonderful, minute sense for the details. The secret of keeping this process so alive might lie in the pauses which are employed in what might be called a breath-like rhythm, but organically irregular. In a late stage the music gets slower and more exquisitely sparse - before finally there seems to be a deliberate turn to a pulsating, freejazzy texture, like a closing fanfare - still with sensitivity intact. Sensuous and fresh music."
INTUITIVE MUSIC REVIEWS by Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen

Released - Risser & Mazur "Elan Vital"

"Elan Vital" - the first album of Risser & Mazur Duo released by "Insubordinations" netlabel.

"Pianist Eve Risser and acoustic bass guitarist Rafel Mazur play a 22 minute piece titled Elan Vital on their same titled EP from Insubordinations. This experimental net label is always reliable for fascinating avant-garde improvisations and Elan Vital is no exception..."

Full review of "Elan Vital" You can find in Free Albums Galore

Released - Ensemble 56 "1st Meeting - Towards Sky Flight of Dragon"

"...Spontaneous, improvised music is an art in its own. Dora, Gorka and Mazur have transcended the ordinary to find an intuitive weave and give their music a presence of depth and dimension(...)Spontaneous invention and a dynamic approach sing the sounds of Ensemble 56. The call is irresistible."

Read the whole review from All About Jazz here.

"...I can't say that I've heard of any of the members of this fine Polish/Hungarian trio before this disc, but I was quite pleased to hear this disc(...) The trio does a swell job and knowing when to come in and turn solos into duos or trios."
Here is a whole review from NY Down Town Music Gallery.

"...These guys are as free as it gets, but full of soul and free improv leanings, and the trio's musicianship is just outstanding(...)All three of them are a real pleasure to hear, with an unbelievable scope of technique, yet using this always in function of the musical project at hand, coherent and focused."
Here is a full review from Free Jazz Blog.

"1st Meeting: Towards Sky Flight of Dragon" - the first album of Ensemble 56 is now available in the music stores and for online purchase through the website of the Polish label "Not Two Records":www.nottwo.com

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Who am I?

Rafal Mazur (Kraków 1971) plays acoustic bass guitar custom built to his own specifications by guitar maker Jerzy Wysocki. He has developed an advanced and individual approach to his instrument—and to improvisation in general—in which sonority, extended technique and gesture combine effortlessly in performance. Mazur’s uncompromising musical standards are matched by the sophistication of his wit and demeanor on- and offstage.
He has taken an important role in Kraków to support young artists and improvised music;he is a founder of "ImproArt" - studio of improvisation in Krakow. He has performed jazz and improvised music in clubs and festivals across Poland and in much of Europe (and recently in China). At present focuses on working with Ensemble 56. He is an organizer of "Laboratory of Intuition"- series of presentation of spontaneous art in Kraków.He also studying philosophy at the Jagiellonian University and practice Tai Ji.

A l'heure actuelle Rafal Mazur joue d'une guitare basse acoustique ue spécialement conçue pour lui par le luthier Jerzy Wysocki. Il a développé une approche propre et poussée de son instrument - et de l'improvisation d'une manière générale - où technique étendue et geste se combine sans effort lors de la performance. La position sans compromis de Mazur s'associe à son esprit sophistiqué sur, et hors, de la scène.
Il joue un rôle important dans la scène de Cracovie, soutenant les jeunes musiciens et les arts improvisés. Il s'est produit dans de nombreux clubs et festivals Polonais, Européen, et récement en Chine. Il est le fondateur d'“ImproArt”, une association informelle de musiciens promouvant et pratiquant la musique improvisée. Rafal Mazur se concentre sur sa collaboration avec de Keir Neuringer et l'Ensemble 56 , un ensemble de jazz contemporain hongro-polonais. Il organise les “Laboratory of Intuition”, événements annuelles multidisciplinaires. Il étudie également la philosophie à l'université Jagielonian et pratique le tai-chi.

Der 1971 in Krakau geborene Bassgitarrist Rafal Mazur hat einen ganz eigenen, modernen Zugang zu seinem Instrument gefunden. Außergewöhnliche Techniken, Wohlklang und gestenreiche Darbietungen vereinen sich bei dem Polen mühelos in einer nicht alltäglichen Performance. Dabei vereinen sich in seinen Improvisationen Esprit, Witz und Raffinesse mit kompromisslosem Musikverständnis zu einem bunten Potpourri klanglicher Leidenschaft. Die zeigt sich auch bei der Förderung junger Improvisationskünstler aus Krakau. Seine Auftritte haben ihn bereits durch ganz Polen und große Teile Europas geführt sowie jüngst nach China. Zurzeit konzentriert sich der Bassist auf die Arbeit mit dem Ensemble 56.