niedziela, 13 marca 2011

Duo with Mikolaj Trzaska

I am really busy with my philosophical work, but I cannot stop my artistic activity, that's my life. So, yesterday I played duo with Mikolaj Trzaska in new place in Krakow called Bomba. You can read review of Jazz Alchemist. And now definitely I will lost in books. See You next month.

czwartek, 3 marca 2011


I am busy with my philosophical study, I am writing big essay about "Spontaneous expression" in Chinese artistic practise. Next few month I will play only in Krakow and not so many concerts. Next weekend - 12 of March with Mikolaj Trzaska in club Bomba in Krakow.

wtorek, 11 stycznia 2011

Insubordinations Microfestival

Next Saturday I am going to Switzerland where I will play in Microfestival organized by Insubordinations Netlabel. I'll play three concerts: with Insub Meta Orchestra, with Paed Conca and with Luc Muller. I am really happy and proud of it! Everybody who can come should do it. Full program You can find HERE.

czwartek, 9 grudnia 2010

New Trio

It was amazing meeting, beautiful concert with really kind people. Tim Daisy and Mikola Trzaska. I played with Mikolaj few times before  but it was first time with Tim. Just want to say one thing: it is really easy play with good musicians - music is coming and You don't have to think about it. Amazing experience.  Tomorrow we'll play on jazz festival in Sanok. I hope we will continue in future.

niedziela, 21 listopada 2010

Mockunas/Strid/Mazur Trio

It is new band. Raymond Strid - amazing Swedish drummer, Liudas Mockunas - great sax player from Lithuania and me. We met week ago in Centre of Contemporary Art "Solvay" in Krakow, made recording and played concert. Now we have around 4 hours of music and think about CD.

Ad Libitum Festival

This year Ad Libitum was combine with SIC! festival of dance. I played with amazing musicians and dancers: Anna Zielińska, Benno Voorham, Andrew de Lotbiniere Harwood, Zdzisław Piernik, Daniel Lepkoff and Mikolaj Trzaska. It was great time. Thank You Ilona Trybula and Krzysztof Knittel.

Unison Lines

Finally CD is ready and You can buy it in Not Two e-shop. We met with Keir 11 years ago and still we play together. Thank You Keir, it is still amazing experience. Art work is made by Blacke, of course.

niedziela, 26 września 2010

środa, 22 września 2010

Howohucka Jesień Gitarowa

New project, new music! I played in trio with great Brazilian guitarist Alieksey Vianna and my friend Wiesław Jamioł. It was opening concert of Guitar Festival "Nowohucka Jesień Gitarowa" in my city - Nowa Huta. Amazing experience!! We played music of Ralph Towner, Egberto Gismonti and other brasilian stuff. Was really great!!Most of my past fascinations are came back :-)

wtorek, 31 sierpnia 2010


I started new project "Polish Improart"- presentation of polish art of improvisation abroad - . First event - concert of Trzaska/Mazur duo for beginning of artistic season in Beograd, Serbia. Organized by Centre Polonius Pegaz.

środa, 30 czerwca 2010

Mazur/Neuringer online album

"Improwizje" it is small album released by Insibordinations netlabel.
You can listen it HERE.

New band

In fact I just revitalized PROCESS, my old electro-acoustic band, with small but important changes. Now it is Rafal Mazur Electro-Acoustic Quartet (in future could be quintet, sextet etc.).