niedziela, 5 lipca 2009

Ensemble 56 in Ljubljana Jazz Festival

2nd of July I played with Ensemble 56 at 50 edition of Jazz Festival Ljubljana in Slovenia. It was really nice event with a lot of amazing musicians (Louis Moholo-Moholo, Regie Workman, Ken Vandenmark, Satoko Fuji...) and we played good concert ( as I remember). We represented Not Two label, in the series of concerts dedicated to most important independent jazz labels in Europe - Not Two, Jazzland and Clean Feed. Here is an excerpt of first review:"... Cankarjev dom Club first hosted the Ensemble 56 trio, which imbued its take on contemporary free jazz with a rich assortment of influences from eastern religions to various metal styles...The music – mostly owing to saxophonist Attile Dóre’s prolonged and dexterously articulated tones – had a dense texture, at times bearing a resemblance to Brötzmann’s sound... - Andraž Jež". Full review and photos You can find here.
Thanks for Marek Winiarski from Not Two Records that he decided to invite Ensemble 56 as an representation of his amazing label!!!!
Anyway, Ljubljana is nice city, not so big, really hot, full of good wines and amazing food. You should visit the place, next July for example.

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